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Since 2013, we have been providing all the useful tips for travelers to make their vacations successful and sharing 1001 ways to awaken their senses during their stays.

Claire and Manu’s blogs

A sister with a passion for travel, an epicurean brother, strong family values… blogs that we have built in our image and at the service of travelers from all over the world.


We are committed to our independence to best advise our readers. Also, we travel anonymously and pay all our bills in full.
We only talk about the places we liked. We want to be guides, not critics.


We like to rest in front of a sublime landscape, to discover an architectural treasure, to enjoy a good meal, to fall asleep in a cosy room… We only share sites that we have visited.


Being useful to travelers is our goal since our creation in 2013. We try to be as complete and accurate as possible, imagining all the questions our visitors might have.


Because we believe that travel shapes the open world we want to live in, we have chosen to offer most of our content for free.
Wherever possible, we will support actions to promote access to travel.

Working together… differently!

Let’s be honest, we don’t know how to do everything and our days are only 24 hours long… To bring you all this content, we have gradually built up a small dream-team that helps us put all our travels into words, images and computer code.

Having experienced the good and bad sides of large companies, we are experimenting with new forms of work (freelancers, telecommuting, collaborative tools and platforms…) and are gradually structuring what we hope will be a company that respects everyone and is attentive to others.

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You value your freedom, so do we! Do you think you can bring something extra to our blogs? We are curious and await your project.

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I am the owner of a tourist place
Sorry, but we do not accept any paid partnerships. However, do not hesitate to let us know your location and we will consider it when planning our next trip to your area.

I want to become a “oopser”!
As volunteering is also part of the collaboration process, please let us know if there are any errors in our articles by clicking here.

I have a project to promote access to travel.
We don’t have infinite resources but if you think we can help you, submit your initiative

Claire and Manu’s blogs

4 addresses to know everything about our zigzags around the world and our life in France.

ZigZag On Earth

The blog dedicated to all the destinations outside of France visited during the last 9 years.

Normandie Lovers

The blog dedicated to the region where we were born, and which counts the Mont-Saint-Michel among its treasures.

Loire Lovers

The blog dedicated to the region that hosts the Loire castles and that saw the birth of Manu’s daughter.

Corsica Lovers

The Region Lovers blog exclusively dedicated to the most famous French island, Corsica!

What do we live on?

To dedicate ourselves to making all this free content available, we left our positions in large groupsClaire in 2015 and Manu in 2022). In order to make a living from it and to bring in the skills we lack, we call on several sources of financing.

The sale of our guides

More than 8000 internet users have already purchased our destination guides. Designed to be the indispensable partner of any trip, they are a mine of information that you will not find elsewhere.


We are appealing to the generosity of our readers to enable us to continue our work.
If they enjoyed our content, we offer to buy them one (or more) coffees, hoping one day to share it physically with them.

Affiliate links

We recommend hotels, car rentals, tours or tourist attractions via the platforms we personally use for our travels and trust.

Every time a user books from one of our links we get a small commission.

The sale of products

We offer a variety of products that we like to take with us when we travel or bring back from our trips.

We also publish small notebooks with our colors to allow our visitors to take a little piece of Region Lovers with them.

And by the way, if you wish, do not hesitate to support us

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