Our history

We are Claire and Manu, a brother, a sister, a polyglot, a lover of the French language, a traveler, an epicurean….

After our first intense professional lives, we decided to slow down a bit to share with you our love of our beautiful French regions. It’s been 9 years since Claire took the plunge, and publishes travel guides around the world that have become references for road-trip lovers. For Emmanuel it’s a new life that started in 2022!


Tireless blogger

Claire started blogging in 2013, becoming in a few years, with the ZigZag websites, a reference on roadtrips, her favorite way to travel.

After several years in the medical equipment business, notably in Australia, but also in Germany and France, Claire decided in 2016 to devote herself exclusively to her passion for travel.

From destination to destination, from guidebook to guidebook, from page to page, she distils practical information and inspiring photos. Her scientific mind and generous nature, pushes her to give a lot of tips to be useful to travelers.

She likes to connect with nature, to find the practical advice essential to the traveler, and especially to get up at dawn to enjoy a place in absolute silence


Insatiable Curious

Manu has been with Claire since the launch of ZigZag, but it wasn’t until 2022 that he decided to quit his job (a bit sad…) to devote himself to blogging (much more fun!).

After studying math and computer science, he worked alongside a French parliamentarian before devoting himself to communication in all its forms.

He brings his know-how and creativity to build more and more content for travelers.

A lover of words, an authentic epicurean and a devourer of all forms of culture, he wants to share his discoveries and pleasures with you.



Eugenie is Manu’s daughter. Born in Anjou, she shares their love of life. We warn you, she’s a real happy chatterbox!

She will be able to talk for hours about her passion for horses, but also to flood you with videos immersing you in a young and ultra-creative universe that we love to discover with her.

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